Saturday, August 11, 2007

11 month LID Anniversary

Today marks 11 months of officially waiting. China has referred up to Nov 21st 2005. I believe that is 293 more LID days to go. Problem is that they have only referred 7 LID days in the last couple of months

We started this process in March of 2006 so add another 5 months onto the process. When we started this and went to orientation, they told us 12-14 months. When we sent our paperwork in it was 14-16 month wait. So naively I thought we would be in China this year.....well that isn't happening. Based on current calculations, it is looking like June/July 2009. It is very hard to imagine where we will be in 2009 in our life. Emmy will be 9.

All I have to say this whole process just isn't what we signed up for and isn't very fair.

I have found several children on other agencies waiting child programs that I think we could of handled the need but we cannot petition for that child because China doesn't allow you to persue a child on another agency list. So we must wait on our list. Our agency waiting list is large.

Regarding the waiting child (special needs) program we signed up for in April that is the only sign of hope I have right now. I'm banking all my dreams on this and we will get matched with a child that will have some minor special medical need that we can handle. I have told Bill that I cannot see the picture when we get a this match as I will fall in love with the picture only and not read the medical. When could this match happen....well they are starting to match boys from Feb-April. Most people on this waiting child program are waiting for a girl. We said either so I'm pretty sure if we do get a match it will be a boy.

So there is a slight chance that we could get matched on their next list which is suppose to arrive soon. A match doesn't mean we can accept it. It all depends on the need. I am also not trying to bank everything on a match soon. I have been soooo disappointed in this whole process. I'm not sure how I will handle it if we can get a match but we cannot accept it.
I keep tell Bill it is a leap of faith. No matter if it is a bio child or an adopted child, it is a leap of faith. You just don't know what medical or emotional need will happen in the future. You just need to go with it.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Cartoon of the Day....

How appropriate...I'm really doing okay but thought this was appropriate....

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Monday, August 06, 2007

I suck...

at waiting...

at blogging....

there I said it.

I'm tired of waiting..... I cannot wait till 2009 so all I have to say is that CCAI better match us with a waiting child in the next 6 months or I'm through with this whole thing. This whole process just doesn't seem fair.

Sorry at the lack of blogging. I cannot keep up with work and other stuff right now so something has to fall to the side.

In honor of the way I feel.....