Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Travel Blogs And Weather.....

Please follow our journey at the following blogs:

Emily, age 7, will be writing in her blog at:

Blogger might be blocked from China in the part we are going. However, I can log in through work and use the internet on their remote terminal. So I think we should be okay.

We have a winter storm advisory for Atlanta. I think we will be okay. hopefully.....

We have an 8:30 am flight out. We plan to get to the airport around 6 am or so. New York looks clear.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Packing is done!

We are done packing except for some odds and ends.

For in China travel, you are limited to 1 checked in bag which has to weigh less than 44 lbs.

So Bill, Emily and I each have a rolling duffel bag. We still have room and weight to go! Very good.

We packed 3 sets of clothing each (t-shirt, pants, and fleece top) plus a rain jacket. 3 pairs of pj's and socks /underwear. Oh on the underwear front, I'm tossing underwear as we go so I will pack 16 pairs of underwear _ a good time to clean out the old granny panties! I have this thing about strangers washing my underwear. Bill thinks I'm nuts. We packed one set of clothing (so that's number 4) in our backpacks (we each have one - Emily's is a rolling backpack) We are wearing 1 set of clothing on us so that makes 5 sets of clothing for 16 days in China. We will be doing the laundry service every couple of days. Ricky's stuff is packed with Emily's stuff.

I think I have packed everything but the kitchen sink --I did pack kitchen tongs for washing bottles though! My packing list was pages long and we have fit everything in. I feel very accomplished. We even have room in our backpacks! Normally, I'm a pack horse so this has been a challenge for me. I may have to through in a pair of shoes for good measure! So far, we are just wearing sneakers.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Family Day will be 1/21

We will get Ricky on 1/21. It is looking like we will pick him up at the orphanage. So we will get to tour where has been most of his life.

Here are our details. Remember that China is 13 hours ahead of us.

1/17 - ATL to JFK (NY) via Delta, JFK to HONG KONG via Cathay Pacific (1:55 pm flight).
1/18 - Arrive in Hong Kong 7:05 pm at night.
1/19 - Tour Hong Kong
1/20 - Leave Hong Kong for Chongqing - Staying at Golden Resources Hotel
1/21 - Family Day in the am. Also we register the adoption at 4 pm with Province.
1/21 to 1/24 Touring Chongqing, Shopping, Resting, Getting to Know Ricky time.
1/25 - Receive Ricky's passport and paperwork.
1/26 - Fly to Guangzhou - Staying at White Swan Hotel
1/27 - Free Time
1/28 - Ricky's physical and paperwork for consulate appointment.
1/29 - Consulate Appointment
1/30 - Consulate Oath - get Ricky's Visa to Enter USA.
1/31 - Leave Guangzhou for Hong Kong - Staying at the Regal Airport Hotel
2/1 - Fly Home via Cathay Pacific. Arrive in NY around 12 noon - Ricky becomes a US Citizen as soon as we touch ground. Catch 4:30 flight to ATL via Delta. Arrive at airport around 7:30 pm

2/2 - sleep.