Thursday, May 17, 2007

Welcome Home Emme Lu and family!

One our ALTs is coming home today with Emme Lu a.k.a The Bee.

I have been following their blog --

She is such a beautiful baby and they have had such a wonderful experience! They went to her finding place and met the woman who found the little Bee!

Welcome Home!!


Friday, May 11, 2007

Some Analysis....

Ok I'm not the Rumor Queen but someone from that forum posted that they saw a pattern of referrals. Meaning give or take a couple of days if you look at October referral period, they referred 19 days. In 2006 for the late Sept/Oct referral period they referred 18 days. On average they are sticking with a 12 day referral. You need to look at this over a year's worth of time. That said, I created a spreadsheet so I can see where I fall.

So here goes....Here is the chart showing the pattern, I repeated the days starting with Sept/Oct of 2006.

So even if they change the number of days referred each time but stick on average to 12 days... Not good..... End of June 2009. Remember my LID is 9/11/06

Now if they kicked it up a notch and on average referred up to 15 days. Give or take we would receive a referral in late Jan 2009.
If they kicked it up even futher and start on average to do 18 days of referrals. Keep in mind, this is an average. We would get a referral in late Oct/Nov of 2008 -- ahhh so much better.

That's all I have with the analysis. Probably the same as Rumor Queen but I need it spelled out in a spreadsheet. When the next referral comes in, all I have to do is plug in the number of days and see where my highlighted area is.

Who knows if this is right or wrong but heck it is something eh?

8 Months of Waiting

8 months many more is anyone's guess. I am happy to report that I'm in a better place about the wait.
Yes the wait sucks, stinks, rots etc.
But this month I have not been fixated on it. So that is good. Hubby is breathing a sigh of relief too.
Next month who know but this month, my stress level over the wait is down to nothing!

my big girl!

Emily is so looking forward to being a big sister. Time doesn't seem to move fast for her (or me for that fact!).

Emmy is getting to be such a girl....I cannot say little anymore. We have dance recital in June and here is picture of her.

I love you!