Friday, June 12, 2009


ahh if she only knew what pictures I post of her! She would kill ME!

Happy 9th Birthday Emmy Girl!

Emily is such a beautiful girl inside and out. Love you lots my baby girl!

Friday, June 05, 2009

Yeah Momma!

This is what I get greeted to every morning when I go wake up my little monster during the week.

I finally really think we have tipped the over to the good side of the adoption. Just life. It is a new life, a better life because of Ricky.

Something that is not talked about alot but needs more attention is post adoption depression. I wish people would talk about it more as I have learned it is more common.

I had it bad - really bad. I hid it from everyone because this was suppose to be a happy moment in our lives. It was hard not to love a boy who all that wanted was to be loved. There was a lot of guilt and anger.

Eventually I grew to love Ricky. He is something special and I'm lucky to be his mom.