Saturday, July 25, 2009

In Memphis...

We didn't get to see Panda's in China (remember it rained cold sleety rain everyday in China). This one was close up and personal. Ricky at the Memphis Children's Museum.

Emmy and Ricky at the entrance to the Zoo. If you are ever in Memphis they have one of the best zoo's.

Bill took Emily to a Braves game. Look at her hat. She is a Red Sox fan to spite Mommy's Yankees!

At the elementary school playground.

Always moving. Try to catch me!

Who says these slides are for big kids! My little daredevil

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Love Without Boundaries

I proudly volunteer for LWB ( I give about 10 hours of my time a week working for the medical team.

It is a truely an inspiring organization. LWB is a virtual foundation, meaning that we have no main office. We have over 150 volunteers, who work off of their home computers. They help us find supporters, write reports to sponsors, arrange surgeries, check on the programs, etc. We have daily communication with our staff in China, through email and skype, and then we make trips to China as well to check on the children’s progress ourselves.

If you are looking to help a child, please consider donating to LWB.

To learn more about LWB, please see this online interview with Amy Eldridge - LWB's founder.

Here is LWB's blog -

You can follow them on Twitter -

Facebook -